Agency Wish Lists

RADD (Recreational Activities for the Developmentally Disabled)

RADD, a non-profit agency which provides individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to develop social, emotional, and leisure skills used across home, school, work, and community settings. They are dedicated to promoting health and wellness among our clientele.
Agency Donations
• Building or property to house programs (handicapped-accessible)
• Monetary donations to sponsor a variety of individual program events
• Fitness supplies to promote healthy living amongst both youth and adult clients (pedometers, fitness bands, fitness DVD’s, water bottles, stability balls, Healthy Living cookbooks)

Camp Kinder Summer Day Camp
• Sponsorship/Partial Sponsorship of 2011 Camp T-shirts (Total estimate is $975.00)
• Sponsorship of Field Trips (Bowling, Movies, Chuck E. Cheese, Skatetown, Racine Zoo -Call for cost estimates for each trip).
• Overnight Campout at Jellystone Park (Monetary donations to offset park fees, grocery store gift cards for food and beverage)

Youth and Adult Summer Garden Program
• Monetary donations to offset the costs of plants, seeds, and equipment
• Tools to use throughout the summer – hoes, shovels, trowels, gardening gloves, watering cans, starter fertilizer, 1 gallon sprayer, garden pads
• Cooking supplies (grocery store gift cards for cooking and baking supplies, recipe cards, cutting boards, vegetable peelers, Ziploc medium and large Zip’ N Steam bags)
• Baskets for harvesting time

Bowling Club
• Bowling recognition pins
• New bowling crying towels for members
• (4) Adaptive Bowling ramps (Approximately $150.00 each)

Office Supplies/Misc.

  • Heat Seal Laminating sheets
  • Stamps and Forever stamps
  • HP Officejet 88 printer cartridges (Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
  • HP Photosmart 02 printer cartridges (Black, Cyan, Light Cyan, Magenta, Yellow)
  • Gifts cards to Office Max and Office Depot
  • Gallon and 2 Gallon Ziploc bags
  • Plastic silverware (spoons and forks)

Contact us at 633-0291 to make arrangements for delivery of Wish List items, or to learn more about ways in which you can support RADD programs and participants. You can also visit our website at to see all that RADD has to offer. RADD – 3131 Taylor Ave. Bldg. #4, Racine, WI 53405. Partner Provider of United Way of Racine County.